By Laws

The BY Laws are a set of rules by which our Associations competitions are run by.

Teams must be present at the time indicated on the draw. If a team does not have at least three (3) of its registered players present and ready to play within 5 minutes of the specified time it shall forfeit the game.
(b) If a team forfeits the opposing team will be awarded with a 6-0 win (3 points, 6 goals for, 0 against).
(c) If a team gives at least 72 hours notice and a reasonable reason the game can be postponed. If a team has enough players to play but chooses not to as certain players are away you may NOT postpone the match. It is in the NBFA’s discretion whether or not the game be postponed. If both teams cannot agree on a re-scheduled date for the match then it will be declared a 2-2 draw.

Please follow these procedures to escalate any issues arising at one of our venues in reference to events held by the association.
(a) All managers, coaches and players registered in any of the NBFA competitions are to forward all enquiries only to their Administrator at the venue on the night. Administrators will then interface directly with the NBFA Office.
(b) Issues which are above the control of the Administrator will be automatically be looked at by the NBFA Office and President. CLICK HERE for their details.

A jersey or shirt must be numbered for Seniors (U18+). Shirt numbering is $3 at Football Plus Dee Why. CLICK HERE for more details.
All age groups require teams to having matching shirts, shorts and socks.
(b) Players cannot wear long trousers or tracksuit bottoms except for Goalkeepers.
(c) Shin guards must be completely covered by socks, be made of a suitable material and give a reasonable amount of protection.
(d) Players can use “Turf Boots”, Futsal Shoes or any other non-marking soled shoes. CLICK HERE for more details and pictures.  NO STUDDED BOOTS
(e) Goalkeepers are permitted to wear long or traksuit pants. They must wear a shirt which easily identifies them from both teams and the referee.
(f) A player may not wear anything that is dangerous to themselves or any other player. This includes all types of jewellery except flat wedding rings, which must be taped securely.
(g) Only approved Safety Glassed/Goggles may be worn. No spectates can be worn.
(h) Bandanas and Hats cannot be worn. Players with casts can only play at the referees discretion, it must be covered with suitable material and not be dangerous to other players.
(i) Mens & Ladies armless tops will be permitted by must be numbered.

Senior games (U18+) are 2 x 18 minutes halves with a maximum 2 minutes halftime.
Junior games (U6-U16) are 2 x 13 minutes halves with a maximum 1 minutes halftime.
(a) Failure for teams to be on the court on time will mean a reduction in time with the proviso that halves will be equal.
(b) If a game has to have a result (Finals) then 2 x 5 minutes Golden Goal (first to score wins) extra time halves will be played. If no goals are scored in extra time then the result will be decided by Penalty Shootout.

A match is played by two teams, each consisting of five (5) players on the field, one of whom is the Goalkeeper. A team may start with three (3) players including the Goalkeeper.

The maximum number of substitutes is seven (7). There is unlimited substitutions during the match.
NBFA Policy insists that a team MAY borrow players from a lower division or age group. It MAY NOT borrow players from the same division or age group. A borrowed player can only play for one team in the division they are borrowed for.
Please note: If a team is borrowing a player you MUST inform your administrator so they can be added to the match sheet for insurance and finals eligibility.

If a team is found to have borrowed players from a team in the same division they will lose the game on forfeit (0-6).

No “ring-ins” allowed.  All players must be registered.  You can register a player on any given night, please keep in mind their eligibility for finals which are stated below.

If a match is abandoned for any reason including misconduct both the referee and administrator will file reports to the NBFA Office which will then decide the outcome of the game.

Both Semis and Finals fees are covered by NBFA. The format used is:
First Semi Final – 1st v 4th
Second Semi Final – 2nd v 3rd
Final – Winner of First Semi Final v Winner of Second Semi Final
To be eligible for Finals a player must have played at least five (5) games for that team in that season.

If you are unhappy with a referees performance and would like to make a complaint please do so by filling out a Referee’s Complaint Form which you can find with your administrator at the venue or if you CLICK HERE. This should be returned to the NBFA within seven (7) days to:
Northern Beaches Futsal Association
908 Pittwater Road
Dee Why NSW 2099
Fax: (02) 9981 2328 or email

Players can only play in one team per age group or division
A player can “Dual Register” in two teams.  The player must register in the lower age or division.  They must fill out a Dual Registration Form which is at the venue with the administrator or CLICK HERE

(a) Not including the Goalkeeper there must be two (2) males and two (2) females on the court at all times. 
(b) A goal cannot be scored directly of a kick off.
(c) The general idea of mixed competitions is fun but still maintain a level of competitiveness.  Players seen acting in an inappropriate manner will be pulled up by the referee.

In the instance that a competition has enough teams the NBFA will grade the competition after 3-5 rounds (this depends on the amount of teams).  It is at the NBFA’s discretion of the grading of the competitions.

The NBFA takes a zero tolerance on inappropriate and violent whether it be from a player, official, spectator or a whole team.  Peoples who act in this manner will be subject to a suspension or life ban (depending on the severity of the incident).  A suspension in NBFA competitions can lead to suspension in an 11-a-side competition.  

Inappropriate and violent behaviour can result in a team or player being removed from the competition all together.

14.  FEES
Any team and or Player that is playing in Premier League 1, Premier League 2 , State League or any other affiliated centre under Football NSW will not be granted any price reduction for registration or game fees if they wish to register and play in NBFA competitions.

When teams are given invoices and a due payment date this must be paid on or before the due date.  Teams can by Direct Debit, Cheque or Cash at the centre the team plays at or instore at Football Plus Dee Why/NBFA Office – (908 Pittwater Road, Dee Why).  Teams must provide Futsal Administrators about their payment if by Direct Debit.

Any players or teams who have received a suspension or sanction will be subject to face Judiciary should the matter require any further governance.

Please note a RED CARD is an automatic one week suspension plus any other additional suspension as deemed necessary by NBFA.

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